I have been a homeopath for 30 years and I have never ceased to be amazed at the potential of homeopathy in all sorts of conditions and ailments.  My website will show you the amazing aspects of homeopathy and how  far reaching it can be in treating so many ailments and conditions

Like a garden,  flowers and vegetables grow in the best of soil.  The same with humans.  What we feed ourselves and our family is key to the quality of our health. Eat organic and drink filtered water.

Use Homeopathy   to make sure the body triggers its own healing system to achieve the best outcome while suffering no side effects or aggravations.


I recently sent out a list of remedies to order from Helios to help if you or anyone in your family contract Covid 19.  For many of you they symptoms will be mild.  However if there are underlying health issues the symptoms can be worse particularly affecting the respiratory organs.   Please call me for a chat about your concerns I am offering a 20 minute consultation for £30 .

These remedies you can order from Helios online there all good remedies to have anyway

Here are the remedies
Bryonia 200 – dry cough and headache
Belladonna 200 – fever
Gelsemium 200 – achey limbs, lethargy, headaches
Arsenicum  Alb 200 – chest/pneumonia
Phos 200 chest, – cough, pneumonia

Camphor 200 – fever, dry cough
Mercurius Viv or Sol 200 and Lycopodium 200 good to have

 Homeopathy can work wonders to quell those fears and anxieties.





Helios  https://www.helios.co.uk/ or Ainsworth https://www.ainsworths.com/   are two of the best homeopathic pharmacies in London.

Come and  see me at the Maris Practice in Twickenham     https://twickenhamhomeopathy.co.uk/contact   or see me on Skype or Face time.

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