SANGUINARIA:  Eyes, burning and dryness.  Conjuctivitis. Eyes red in morning.  Eyeballs painful on movement.  Pain at the root of nose.  Perverted  sense or loss of smell. Nose dry and congested.  Prickly heat. Red, blotchy eruptions on skin.  Dry cough. Tongue burnt and sore feeling

SABADILLA :   Constant sneezing and profuse lachrymation.  Symptoms aggravated in the open air and bright lights.  Sore throat going from left to right.  Desires hot drinks and is better for them.  Sensation of lump in the throat and feels the constant need to swallow.

WYETHIA:   Itching in the back of nasal passages. Constant dry, hacking  cough no relief. Burning sensation in chest .  Tickle in back of throat.

AMBROSIA:  Eyes itching and watery eyes.  Nose congested, watery runny nose.  Stuffed up feeling of nose and head  Wheezy cough

ALLIUM CEPA:  Dull headache.   Worse from being inside, better from being in  the open air.  Profuse lachrymation.   Constant rubbing of the eyes that feel as if they are burning.  Constant discharge from nose that burns the nose and top lip.

NAT MUR :  Eyes itch and burn. Artificial light hurts.  Headache. Dry throat, tickly.  Dry skin and lips  Thirsty

APIS:  Puffy eyelids, swollen and red.  Nose red and swollen.Thirstless.

EUPHRASIA:   Thick,  burning discharge from eyes.   Eyes are very red and swollen.   Bland, constant discharge from the nose.    Mucous in the throat.  Worse in the evening.  Worse inside.

NUXVOMICA:    Eyes burning.  Eyes very sensitive to light.  Itching at the back of the throat, in the ears and down the Eustachian tubes.  General irritability.

GELSEMIUM:   Non-stop sneezing.  Eyes swollen, heavy and watery. Feels listless and dizzy.

Always seek professional medical assistance if symptoms persist.

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