Cancer and Being Bold!

In never ceases to amaze me that even with all the information out in the public domain about how nutrition and holistic treatments can cure yes cure even the most challenging of health issues , the medical world carries on with its cut and burn, toxic chemicals and radiating anything that moves methods  which have an appalling track record.

The Truth about Cancer is essential viewing for anyone who wants verification and affirmation that our bodies given the right internal environment can rid us of anything.  To achieve this though  is not for the feint hearted.  It requires first of all knowledge, self discipline, patience and a good support system of trusted practitioners/friends and family. Is that an approach that the pharmaceutical industry would agree with, NO because there are no repeat medical prescriptions and NO lifetime of medication.

My own personal experience when faced with a potential life threatening health issue in a loved one,and the choices that we made to not go the conventional route have given me the utmost confidence in putting this information out there for everyone, to be as informed as possible and be courageous  and bold in the decisions you make.

I am going to continue putting more information out  that debunks the orthodox approach, the tide must turn if we are truly to live good and healthy lives


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