Children and Teens

In the beginning

When I first wrote this page I was a mother of teenage girls and all those aspects of  adolescence and those sometimes painful years of entering into adulthood I was experiencing first hand.  I am now a Grandmother of 4!!!!

New Things to Learn

The early years experience have come round to me once more.  Things have moved on apace and I have learnt so much from my young parents and my own daughters in the many  ways of parenting children in the 21st Century.  From Amber Necklaces, Baby Led Weaning, Many different types of Baby Slings and other forms of transportation…….. and the endless paraphernalia of  STUFF that we need in order to accommodate our grandchildren.

Plus Ca Change

However some things never change……………….  as my daughters are discovering…..Homeopathy has always been the first option for them as much as it is for my patients.

How you can be empowered

If you want to be able to manage your health and your children's health.  All those coughs,colds and other minor illnesses that you have to contend with through the year.  Homeopathy can help you in those situations.
Using homeopathy especially as a young parent with small children is an empowering experience. Going to a homeopath will help you understand how remedies work, what to look for and overtime you will be able to prescribe for yourself.  Leaving the bigger illnesses and conditions to either your homeopath and/or your GP.

Early years – Teething, Night Terrors, Jealousy between siblings, Constant Coughs and Colds,Minor Injuries

School years – Separation, Anxiety, Puberty, Learning Difficulties, Skin Problems, Asthma, Stomach ache.

Teenagers –  Hormonal Problems, Alcohol Related Illnesses, STD, Acne,  Depression, Exam Fears, Brain Fag and wider Family Issues.

Homeopathy can be used in any of the above situations and many more.  Alongside conventional medicine if that is more appropriate.

Parenting Skills is sometimes a solution when the going gets tough.   I have attended a workshop at this organisation and have considered doing the course.

An excellent book for parents is What Really Works for Kids by Susan Clark.

If parents are concerned about vaccinations during a Gap year trip good advice is given at Ainsworth or Helios homeopathic pharmacies.

More detailed information can be found in the following books:

Handbook of Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunisations by Susan Curtis

The World Traveller’s Manual of Homeopathy by Dr. Colin Lessell

Also information on standard travelling regulations can be found at the Department of Health on 0800 555 777

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