Homeopathic Fever Remedies

Homeopathic Help with Fevers

Hippocrates is quoted as saying, “Give me a fever and I can cure the child.”    illness

Fevers always create great anxiety in parents of babies and children. Often it is interpreted as the illness itself rather than seeing the fever as the bodys positive response to a dis-ease.

The homeopath sees the fever an important part of the healing process. If suppressed by Calpol, Aspirin or any other antipyretic the body processes implicated in the fighting of the infection are stopped and there will be no way of knowing the natural course or extent of the illness.

One of the major fears with all parents is Meningitis this site will help in showing what to look for www.medinfo.co.uk/conditions/meningitis.html

Even if Meningitis is suspected remedies can always be administered while on the way to the hospital as many of the fever remedies cover the symptoms of this illness. Of course this will always be under the advice of an experienced homeopath.

Here is a list of four remedies that can be used for fevers, as always in homeopathy they each have particular characteristics or key notes that must be identified other wise the remedies will not be effective.

ACONITE : Fever comes on suddenly. Chill or coldness alternating with heat. Dry, burning, heat. Drenching sweat, patient wants to uncover. Sweats on uncovered parts. Eyes, nose, mouth, throat feel hot and dry. Face alternates between red and pale. Great anxiety about own death. Very restless. Anxiety. Intense, burning thirst.

BELLADONNA: Hot, dry burning heat. Radiating heat. Face bright red. Convulsions. Congestion. Eyes bloodshot. Delirium. Spasms. Hates artificial light. Pains in the head. Rolling head from side to side with pain. Quarrelsome, shouts out. Hot head and cold limbs. Jerks in sleep.

APIS: Burning heat but chilled when moved. No thirst. Heat of one part and coldness in another part. Screams during sleep. Swelling, puffiness of face and limbs.

GELSEMIUM: Heat with drowsiness. Pain in the back of the head. Dilated pupils. Band like headache. Heavy, droopy eyelids. Face looks heavy and dusky red. Whole body feels heavy and achy. Thirstless. Weak.

There are many more remedies that can be used in fevers. The above remedies are some of the more commonly used.     It is always best to get advice from a professional homeopath or a GP if there are any concerns about the patient’s health.

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