Menopause – Liberation

It feels hot in here!

In general the peri menopause begins mid forties and can last until mid fifties.    You may still have monthly periods but they maybe accompanied by a hot flush, restless sleep , a sense of not feeling quite right, skin dryness, vaginal dryness anxiety and sometimes a loss of libido.  These are all signs that you need to take notice of because you can do something about them.

Look at your diet, look at your alcohol consumption.  Do you go to bed with your mobile or your laptop?

This is a great website which goes into great detail about what symptoms to look for  can be done as soon as you understand that you are peri-menopausal

This website recommends  homeopathy as one of the therapies that can help Women through the peri-menopause into the menopause.

What Remedies Can Do

Homeopathic remedies can stimulate positively the body’s own immune response as it undergoes these huge hormonal changes.   Each women will be manifesting her  peri and menopausal symptoms in different ways.  The homeopathic remedies will be chosen according to how the woman is expressing  the symptom.  The mental and emotional state is also very important in the prescribing of a remedy.

Sepia :  Hot flushes, waking at night drenched all over,  angry with nearest and dearest,vaginal dryness loss of libido

Lachesis: Hot flushes, wakes at night but no sweating, anxious over trifles, left sided headaches,can’t bare anything tight , menstrual flooding

 Pulsatilla:  Hot flushes, face and neck comes in waves, very weepy, needs consolation, stress incontinence, craves fresh air

Nat Mur:  Withdrawn, sense of loss, hot flushes in bed, can feel faint, constipated, indigestion, flooding

These are a small sample of the many homeopathic remedies that can be used during this huge transitional time.

Liberation – Change of Life

Along side changes in your diet , it can be a time for reflection on your own life and what it has been, what it is now and how it can be.   It is a time to focus on ourselves, see the life that surrounds us and if need be can we change it.  Women find an new vigour, a new energy as no more the blood flow of many years  to drain our resources. Sex is liberating.   First we need to accept this phase , then embrace it, then make the changes necessary so we transition into the following  years with  Vitality and Wisdom