Reasons to use Homeopathic Remedies on Holiday

FJet Lag


Mosquitoe Bites  (the harmless kind)

Travel Sickness

Food Poisoning

Cuts and Bruises


When my children were young we used to drive each year to southern spain to spend our summer holidays with our friends who had a house there.  The first things I packed were my homeopathic remedies, 100’s of them in little brown packets full of little white pills.  I was only a few years into being a homeopath and wanted to cover for every eventuality!  Needless to say only about 5 or 6 remedies where ever needed during the whole holiday.  Over the years I have honed my own personal homeopathic travel kit down to 10 remedies.

I would never travel anywhere without my remedies and now my children, mothers themselves do the same.  The relief from a well chosen remedy on the ailments above is quick, without side effects and long lasting.

Nevertheless, if any of the above is serious a vist to the local GP or Hospital is always advisable while still administering the remedies.

These are my 10 remedies: ARNICA, NUX VOMICA, BELLADONNA,GLONOINE, ARSENICUM ALB, HYPERICUM, LEDUM, MERCURIUS,COCCULUS AND ACONITE. As remedies cover a multitude of symptoms they can be interchangeable for example NUX VOMICA can be used for Jet Lag, Travel Sickness, Food Poisoning and Hangover.

Any advice about Remedies for Holidays and how to use them Please contact me 07532 177698 to make an appointment in clinic or on Skype.  I can also supply the remedies.



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