Support therapies and Diet in Cancer

For those of you who have had a diagnosis of Cancer this is a frightening and anxious time.  Conventional oncology can be painful,debilitating and physically,mentally and emotionally demanding.    Alongside conventional treatment there are many therapies that can help and support the immune system while it undergoes a bombardment of chemicals and radiation.

Sources of information:

You want support and encouragement  from the medical profession who has given  your initial diagnosis. Unfortunately,  the medical profession is unable to offer alternative help and advice  outside their own protocol.

Despite that there is growing evidence of the use of homeopathy in the treatment of cancer

This website has been our mainstay for support.   it is  full of important information.   Many interviews with  MDs, Oncologists and practitioners who work in the field of Cancer but reject the conventional approach.   This site offers information on all types of cancer, the different treatments available , and there are MANY.   Take a look, listen to the people who have not accepted the status quo and the amazing results that have emerged.

Dr Kate James is a GP who has dedicated her practice in helping and supporting people with a diagnosis of cancer.   Dr James offers treatments alongside conventional treatments to minimise side effects, dietary advice and therapeutic tools to help you through this situation

Chris Woollams, Founder of CancerActive is a font of knowledge about all the alternative treatments, diets and many other useful considerations. I highly recommend his website and his books on diet.

One of the books that I have read and that has encouraged my husband and I when we were faced with a diagnosis of tumour,  is Radical Remission by Dr Kelly Turner.  This was a Ph.D project that took her round the world collating stories of why and how people diagnosed with terminal cancer went into remission so called spontaneously.  The end result was amazing . Go to her website and hear the stories and see her conclusions. Also listen to her talk about her book

What to do next

If you would like to speak to me more on this subject don’t hesitate to call and  arrange a consultation where we can explore all the options.   All of the therapies that  are available will work parallel to the  conventional treatment.