Isla is doing fantastic, her moluscum has completely cleared up! Which is fantastic, she is very happy about this as am I. We battled with  moluscum for so many years that we are very grateful for your help. H. 2019

Hi Shaun, Just a quick update my chest and cough have improved dramatically. Thank you so much your a genius  KS 2018

I can’t believe we first met in 1999!!!! I can’t remember how I even found you but I’m so glad I did. Thank you. Homeopathy is good but you are awesome 😊  EO 2018
Just thought I would touch base with you, Maddie arm healing up nicely many thanks and hunger not so bad and also not scratching like a maniac so many thanks for those remedies, worked a treat! KH

Thank you so  much Shaun, means a lot to me but there is no way I would have managed without you.You have helped me so much. especially that chat back in November, I needed that so so badly to realize that things need to change.Thank you Shaun. Jan 2016

I really feel like a different person since I have been seeing. Thank you for all your help  Helen B. June 2016

Thank you for all of your help and support to us this year.  We are very lucky to have you in our lives. Long may it continue. Dec 2016

“Contracting chicken pox as an adult is deeply unpleasant; a bit like having a very bad bout of flu with all the shivering, sweating,fevers and pain it brings, together with skin-crawling itchiness, nausea and headaches simultaneously.  Shaun was a fantastic and reassuring source of support throughout my nightmarish ordeal, offering advice on remedies and general treatment suggestions.  I feel very fortunate to have her as my homeopath, thank you so much Shaunxx  Sam P.

” When our previous homeopath retired I was really worried we would find it very hard to find and get used to someone new, and start all over again. Shauna has been recommended to us and I was really apprehensive how all of the family was going to take a change, especially the children. After 2 years of having Shauna as our homeopath I think we have been very lucky to have her. I am a very worried mother and having someone like Shauna to look after us when we are not well is very reassuring. I know she is on the other end of the phone when one of the children suddenly falls ill, always sincerely caring and concerned. I feel we are in very good hands and wish there were more such homeopaths around to give homeopathy a better chance”
Alina from Worcester Park

“I discovered Homeopathy through Shaun when my 11 month old baby was on the 8th set of antibiotics. Diagnosed and treated by Shaun, my son was better 2 days later and we have, as a family, used homeopathy ever since. Not using antibiotics and other chemical solutions has also helped us maintain our health. Shaun is a very talented, understanding homeopath who’s analysis is thorough and unnervingly accurate. I can’t recommend her enough.”
Jane Owen Jones

“Having been offered a six month course of drugs, as the only option to treat my depression, I turned to homeopathy as an alternative, having already had a very positive experience with it when suffering from symptoms of PMT. After just one session and one prescription of pills, I immediately felt better and could see light at the end of the tunnel. What is so uplifting about homeopathy is that it genuinely feels like it treats the whole person and not just the illness. Shaun is a wonderfully kind and empathetic person and I would recommend her to anyone. ”
Jane T.

“I have know Shauna as our family homoeopath for well over a decade as she has treated four members of the family included our two daughters. I have always found her to be both professional and approachable with excellent listening and perception skills. She has helped us through physical ailments including pregnancy and childbirth, through acute illnesses including childhood diseases as well as emotional difficulties including bereavement.”
Marie, Twickenham

“I am a patient of Shaun’s and have been for several years. I trust her abilities enormously and find that her approach to helping me consists of taking time to talk and find out what the real issues are before she will prescribe any remedies. Through the process of talking Shaun will discover what the problem really is and prescribe accordingly. Every time I have visited her I have been prescribed remedies that cure the ailment, and I am always impressed at her encyclopedic knowledge of how the various remedies work. My year-old son is also a patient, and he is also more than happy to vouch for Shaun’s excellence.”
Claire M.

“I have found Homeopathy has been brilliant for all my family, many of my 4 childrens childhood ailments such as earache, coughs and temperatures have gone far quicker than before and without the need to resort to infant paracetamol. Not only do they have less problems to start with, when they do I know I can contact Shaun and make sure I am giving them the correct remedy. It has also helped me with hormonal issues that I once was seeing a consultant for and told would only get worse, but have now gone!
However the event that completely convinced me (without doubt) is when my eldest 3 children had chicken pox, from the moment I gave them the remedy not a single spot that appeared blistered, scabbed, or itched they were just there very mildly and started to go after only 2 or 3 days. Yet the few that had appeared before I gave the remedy did! With one child it ‘may’ have been a co-incidence, but with all 3 …homeopathy was at its best!

“Homeopathy has completely transformed my attitude to the health and wellbeing of my family. Since first meeting Shaun over 3 years ago, I have been increasingly bowled over by its incredibly powerful effects. From curing my son’s recurring chest infections to helping me recover from a prolonged bout of gastroenteritis, it has shown me that you really don’t always need to resort to conventional medication. Shaun even prescribed a remedy that instantly got rid of a post Caesarean wound infection, for which a GP prescribed very strong antibiotics. After less than 24 hours, the infection had completely cleared up, and I didn’t even need to resort to the antibiotics. Hurrah for Shaun and for the miracle of homeopathy!”
Samantha Pereira

Salina has held on so well for the exams now – what a delight. Your last remedy did some magic on her J and she is more relaxed with herself and taking every day as it comes just now.  Nazlin Iten

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